Who is Grupo Cristina Álvarez?

Grupo Cristina Álvarez is a Spanish company specialising in aesthetic medicine and advanced body and facial treatments, including epilation. Founded in 2015, alongside the brand Centros Ideal, it has grown remarkably in Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Today, Grupo Cristina Álvarez is a leading company in the cosmetic and aesthetic medicine industry.

Logo cristina alvarez

The challenge for the company

Grupo Cristina Álvarez was ready to tap into Italian and Portuguese markets and was aware of the importance of having the right message to connect with the target audience.

Specifically, the company needed a professional language partner who could provide accurate translations with the correct scientific terminology and, at the same time, localise and culturally adapt the content for both markets. On top of this, they also needed a professional who could handle complex non-editable formats.

The solution we provided

Grupo Cristina Álvarez got in touch with Panarello Translation Studio, and we defined the project details, requirements, and expectations. I took care of the Italian translation myself and built a team of Portuguese translators specialising in cosmetics and created a bespoke pipeline to ensure everyone was on the same page. We successfully translated highly specific manuals and marketing content such as brochures and leaflets.

In addition, we took care of the complex formats, adapting them to the needs of Grupo Cristina Álvarez and testing the usability of the content in a pre-production phase.

The results

Thanks to our translation services, Grupo Cristina Álvarez has been able to successfully launch in a new target market with accurate and localised content that resonates with their desired audience.

What they say about us

Annacristina is highly skilled and very helpful at managing complex projects. She is proactive and she has offered us a customised solution adapting to our needs, which made the collaboration work smoothly.

Beatriz Juárez
CMO at Grupo Cristina Álvarez