Lookiero is a fashion company that offers personal shopping services online. Founded in Spain in 2015, now they have established their brand in Italy, France, the UK, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

The Creative Director contacted us to translate different types of content from Spanish into Italian.

The challenge

Find a language partner that could take care of the different translation and writing needs of the company:

  • Translate descriptions of fashion items.
  • Translate the legal content of contracts and collaborations.
  • Create culturally adapted content for social media.
  • Write blog articles on fashion trends and styles.

The solution


We offered an audit of the content that had been previously translated, providing suggestions to improve the localization and ensure it was culturally relevant.

We organized the project in different phases and areas, making sure the brand tone of voice and glossary were shared in all communication channels.

The result

We delivered an entire project of more than 200.000 words, fully translated, localized, and culturally adapted for the Italian market.

We wrote 96 fashion blog articles about trends and styles, all SEO-optimized.

"The team of Panarello Translation Studio stands out for their commitment to quality and flexibility. Not only they adapted very quickly to the dynamics of the brand, but also suggested localization practices that were more suitable for the Italian market.”

Beatriz García
Creative Content Director at Lookiero

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